The Secure Communication Lab (SCL) at the University of Tehran is established in 2012 to advance the theoretical and applied frontiers of information security and cryptography, through an interdisciplinary approach.

Mission Statement

The SCL aim is to provide techniques and solutions for securing both national and private sector information infrastructures. We are interested in both long-term theoretical works and short-term applied research to support the development of security tools and techniques. Through the strong commitment to academic research and its numerous collaborations with industrial partners, the SCL group is intensively involved in the evolution of security technology in multiple fields.

Research Areas

The research activities of the SCL are the following topics, which cover domains currently active in the international information security community:

  • Traffic Classification, Associating traffic flows with their source applications
    • Associating traffic flows with their source applications. 
  • Image Steganography and Steganalysis
    • Passive Image Steganalysis system, based on machine vision tools and complicated mathematical models.
  • Video Watermarking
    • Protecting Video Copyright by adding identity signature, ownership text, company logo on video files.
  • Image Fusion Assessment
    • Quality assessment of fused images in spatial and spectral domains to evaluate the performance of fusion methods.